4 Jun-17 Sep 2017: Showing installation Pink Wafer Equivalent VIII as part of exhibition Point Quartz: Flower of Kent at Villa Arson, Nice, France. Curated by Frédéric Bauchet, the show is 'an in situ installation occupying the 300 square metres of the Villa Arson's Galerie Carrée, conceived as a garden with flowerbeds that have turned into a landscape', and features the work of, amongst others, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Jules-Aimé Dalou, Cameron Jamie, Bertrand Lavier, and Sterling Ruby.

Nov 2016-Jan 2017: Solo exhibition Searching for the Welsh Landscape at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales. The exhibition consisted of a body of new work exploring the connection between landscape and national identity, centred on an absurd search for the perfect Welsh hill. The how was supported through an Arts Council of Wales production grant, and was opened by travel writer and broadcaster Mike Parker.

Sep 2016: Fabriquer l'improbable / To Make the Improbable catalogue published in Montreal in conjunction with the 2013 residency and exhibition at Est-Nord-Est in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada. Features documentation of The Museum of Uninteresting Experience, and essays by Dominique Allard and Veronique Leblanc.

Dec 2016: Showed video I Think That's Best for Both of Us (Lance and Oprah) at AVI Festival 2016 at Cinema City, Jerusalem.

Oct 2016: Showed installation Pink Wafer Equivalent VIII as part of conference Minimalism: Location Aspect Moment at Winchester School of Art. The event is organised by Paul Hegarty, Sarah Hayden and Ryan Bishop, in conjunction with the John Hansard Gallery.

Sep 2016: Showed installation I've Always Wanted to Drive Across America as part of exhibition Travelogue at Cantine di Vincenzo, Palazzo Ducale, Mantua, Italy. Curated by Matteo Bittanti, the group show focused on the car as 'a rhetorical device functioning as a mode of representation', and included artists working with digital media who 'use driving and simulated movement as a critical lens through which to experience the world.' The exhibition formed part of Festivaletteratura 2016.

Sep 2016: Showed one of a new series of drawings Road Signs (Proposal for a Hypothetical Intervention) at Farbvision, Berlin as part of fundraising exhibition A Blind Auction.

July 2016: Participated in two-week Summer Lodge residency at Nottingham Trent University. Summer Lodge is a research event taking the form of 'a collective space in which to undertake experiments, pursue new ideas and allow unexpected leaps of imagination', which aims to 'initiate new dialogues and critical exchange through engaging together in a period of sustained studio/workshop practice.'

Jan-Mar 2016: Showed installation I've Always Wanted to Drive Across America as part of exhibition Travelling/Reisen at Group Global 3000 project space in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The show took a critical look at our desire to travel, examining its environmental impact, and exploring possible alternatives.

Aug-Sep 2015: Showed drawings from A to Z: Babble to Byte (from Memory) as part of 3-person exhibition Media Ambages at HilbertRaum, Berlin, alongside Paula Saraste and Nathalie Tafelmacher-Magnat.

Apr-Jun 2015: Participatory work Dinner Party featured as part of Polyphonies, an exhibition curated by Véronique Leblanc at Optica, Montreal. The show brought together works constructed along 'polyphonic lines,' seeking to highlight 'issues raised by art practices based on participatory and performative processes and involving a plurality of voices.' The inclusion of Dinner Party was supported by the British Council Canada.

Oct-Nov 2014: Showed Being Somewhere as part of Slowness/Langsamkeit, a group exhibition at Projektraum Group Global 3000, Berlin. The exhibition took a critical look at our increasingly fast-paced world, and asked how a culture of slowness could look, socially and individually.

Sep-Oct 2014: Showed part of A to Z at Picaresque at Ha Gamle Prestegard, Naerbo, Norway. The group exhibition, curated by Debbie Lawson, explored themes of meandering journeys and the picaresque, and also featured the work of Guy Allott, Colin Guillemet, Emma Hart, Dai Jenkins, Peter Jones, Debbie Lawson and Helen Nodding.

Mar-May 2014: Residency at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in Aberystwyth, Wales, at one of the venue's Thomas Heatherwick-designed studios. Research and development undertaken during the residency led to the Searching for the Welsh Landscape series of projects.

Feb-Apr 2014: Showed new series of drawings Babies Eating Lemons as part of Fabric, a group exhibition at Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Wrexham, Wales, curated by Janne Malmros.

Nov 2013: Performed A Curiously Unremarkable Journey at Centrum in Berlin as part of Sense and Non-Sense: A Festival of Absurdism by Matthew Crookes. The performance was a reworking of the residency project The Museum of Uninteresting Experience, which originally took the form of a site-specific installation.

Oct-Nov 2013: Showed video work Being Somewhere as part of Stranded Travelers at Atelier 35 in Bucharest, Romania. The exhibition was curated by Adriana Blidaru and explored contemporary notions of travel.

Oct 2013: Presented Dinner Party project with Oliver Walker as part of conference Lifting the Curtain: On Audience and Authorship at the ICA, London. The event explored the "indispensible input" of the audience in contemporary art practices, and was co-facilitated by performance company Accidental Collective, Chris Johnston (Argument Room/Rideout) and Duska Radosavljevic (University of Kent).

Sep-Oct 2013: Showed selected drawings from A to Z as part of group exhibition The Picture Show at Galerie Jaap Sleper, Utrecht, Netherlands, curated by Witte Wartena.

Jul-Sep 2013: Showed The Museum of Uninteresting Experience as part of exhibition To Make the Improbable, curated by Dominique Allard and Véronique Leblanc. The project was developed during a residency at Est-Nord-Est, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada, and was jointly funded by Est-Nord-Est and Wales Arts International.

Sep 2013: Selected drawings from A to Z shown by Galerie Art Claims Impulse at Preview Berlin Art Fair 2013.

Jun-Jul 2013: Solo exhibition A to Z: From Aardvark to Axle at Galerie Art Claims Impulse, Berlin. First showing of the opening project in the A to Z series, consisting of a drawing for every "A" word in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, produced in alphabetical order
(above: "ape").

A to Z project featured in an article by Sofia Martinelli A is for Artist: Drawing by the Book in Berlin Artparasites.

Jun-Sep 2013: Be Our Guest at Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Wales. Showed Dinner Party, a collaborative work with Oliver Walker.

May 2013: Showed new video work The Collected Gertrude Stein Tender Poems Jokes as part of Kantine Chapters at Galerie Futura (Alpha Nova-Kulturwerkstatt), Berlin. The event accompanied the Getrude Stein-themed exhibition Suppose an Eyes featuring Lady Lucy, Jacqueline Utley and Flora Whiteley.

Dec 2012-Feb 2013: Slide projection piece The Supremacy of Thought (The Ineffectiveness of Action) shown as part of The Alumni Show at the University of Derby's Markeaton Street gallery, Derby. Curated by Robert Clarke and Caroline Locke, the exhibition featured work by ex-University of Derby students who have 'achieved a notable level of professional and creative success within the national and international art world.'

Jan 2013: Showed Rubber Duck as part of exhibition We Were Trying to Make Sense at 1Shantiroad in Bangalore, India, curated by Matthew Krishanu.

Dec 2012: Artist's talk and screening of video Being Somewhere as part of exhibition Blows to the Temple at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin. The project was curated by residents at Node Center for Curatorial Studies.

Dec 2011-Mar 2012: Curatorial project Ha Ha Road shown at Oriel Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno, Wales (also toured to Quad in Derby, UK from Aug-Oct 2011). The group exhibition, developed in collaboration with Sophie Springer, explored the notion of a "rupture of sense" at work in humorous art. Featured the work of Boris Achour, Chantal Akerman, Bobby Baker, Dave Ball, Anna and Bernhard Blume, Stella Capes, Yara El-Sherbini, Fischli/Weiss, Ceal Floyer, Rodney Graham, Ellie Harrison, Debbie Lawson, Mike Marshall, Kirsten Pieroth, Pipilotti Rist, Mathew Sawyer, Ariel Schlesinger, Hank Schmidt in der Beek, Michael Shaw, Roman Signer, Charles Stankievech, Annika Ström, Bedwyr Williams, Dan Witz & Erwin Wurm. See Quad exhibition guide (pdf). Read Quad preview in The Guardian.

Mar 2012: Presented at symposium With Humorous Intent, at Oriel Mostyn Gallery. Organised by Lee Campbell to coincide with exhibition Ha Ha Road, the event sought to 'interrogate the deployment of humour within contemporary art practices.' My presentation 'How to Curate an Exhibition that Doesn't Make Sense' dealt with Ha Ha Road, and 'How to Make Work that Doesn't Make Sense' focussed on my own practice. Other speakers included Gary Stevens and Dr Gillian Whiteley. See full schedule (pdf).

Feb-Mar 2012: Interview with a House Plant shown as part of video exhibition 17 Days at Atrium Gallery, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, US, curated by Adriane Little.

Nov-Dec 2011: Curatorial project Schöne Pleite: Politische Karikaturen von Klaus Stuttman ("Pretty Broke: Political Caricatures by Klaus Stuttman") shown at Galerie im Saalbau, Kulturamt Neukölln, Berlin. Curated in collaboration with Oliver Walker and Dorothea Kolland, the exhibition brought together over a hundred political cartoons by Klaus Stuttman. Well-known and highly-respected for his political commentary and satire, Stuttman's work regularly appears in German newspapers such as der Tagespiegel and die Tageszeitung.

Jun-Jul 2011: Participatory live art project Dinner Party featured as part of group exhibition Making Mirrors: Of Body and Gaze at NGBK in Berlin. A collaboration with Oliver Walker, the work explores social interaction through remote communicative intervention.

Sep-Oct 2010: Exhibited video work Being Somewhere as part of group show Die Kunst der Natur ist die Natur der Kunst ("The Art of Nature is the Nature of Art") at Künstlerverein Walkmühle in Wiesbaden, Germany. Curated by Axel Schweppe, the show explored the relation between contemporary art production and the natural world.

Jul-Oct 2010: Screened video work Being Somewhere at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales, as part of the artists' film programme The Box.

Aug 2010: Performative lecture The Painting staged at Kunstraum Richard Sorge in Berlin. Part of three-artist live art event Nude as the News with Low Profile and Oliver Walker curated by Sunshine Wong.

Aug 2010: Showed video work How to Live as part of Stadt am Rand ("Cities on the Edge"), a group show exploring urban topology at Today Art Museum in Beijing, China. Exhibition was curated by Melanie Zagrean and Pierre Wollter from Galerie Art Claims Impulse in Berlin.

Apr-May 2010: Showed new commissioned video The Table Tennis Player and the World as part of group show The Dump: Recycling of Thoughts at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland. The exhibition was based on artist and media theorist Maurice Benayoun's initiative for a free exchange of concepts.

May 2010: Participatory event-based work Airshow, developed in collaboration with Oliver Walker, was broadcast live as part of Field Broadcast. Organised by Projeckt for Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire, the project consisted of work by artists including Simon Faithfull, Susan Collins and Juan Cruz, broadcast live from within, literally, fields.

Nov 2009-Jan 2010: Exhibited at ArtSway Open 09. Recent residency video work Being Somewhere was selected to be shown at the annual open exhibition at ArtSway in Sway, Hampshire, UK. See www.artsway.org.uk for details. Read a review of the show in a-n magazine (including discussion of Being Somewhere).

Jul-Sep 2009: Work featured in group show Extraordinary Days at Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Wales. Exhibition also included Jordan Baseman, Oliver Bragg, Maia Conran, Martin Creed, Peter Finnemore, Paul Granjon, Andrew Grassie, Richard Higlett, Hiraki Sawa, Jack Strange, Boyd Webb, Richard Wentworth, Bedwyr Williams and Bill Woodrow.

Click on image to view part of Extraordinary Days documentary (by filmmaker Chris Keenan).

Artwork and design featured on CD release Structural Drift by Berlin-based experimental musician Burkhard Beins, published by Künstlerhäuser Worpswede. See www.burkhardbeins.de for details.