Artist’s Statement

Short statement on my practice.

Roses Like Manure, Roses Like Manure

Exhibition text for Tim Greaves' exhibition Roses Like Manure, Roses Like Manure at Leslie Gallery, Berlin.

Why Can’t You Just Let Things Be Absurd?

Introductory text for PhD research triggered by comments left by visitors to Searching for the Welsh Landscape exhibition at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

I Did It My Way

Text written for performance event Punctuation Marks in an Eternal Sentence: The Show at Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel in 2017

Case Study: Searching for the Welsh Landscape

Analysis of Searching for the Welsh Landscape project written for PhD research.

I Guess You Could Say I’m a “Conceptual Artist”

Exploration of the formal, methodological, and theoretical implications of an alignment of my practice with the term “conceptual art”, written for PhD research.

Interview: The Most Boring Game in the World

Interview by curator Matteo Bittanti about absurdity, humour, and the video I’ve Always Wanted to Travel Across America, which was included in the exhibition Travelogue at Palazzo Ducali in Mantua, Italy. Published 7 Sep 2016 on the project website, Travelogue.

Interview: Laugh? I Could Have Cried

Discussion about humour in art with Mel Brimfield and Anthony Shapland, commissioned by g39 Gallery, Cardiff for their 2013 publication It Was Never Going to be Straightforward.

Things, or The Journey

Blog written during residency at Est-Nord-Est in Quebec, Canada, describing a series of walks in and around the village of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. Beginning as a spontaneous and open-ended exploration of the environment, the narrative becomes more and more fixated on the psychological state of boredom, before finally resolving into a paradoxical pursuit of uninteresting experience. The blog gave rise to the installation The Museum of Uninteresting Experience and subsequent performance A Curiously Unremarkable Journey.

Ha Ha Road: Exhibition Guide

Exhibition guide featuring texts about 25 artists included in curatorial project Ha Ha Road at Quad gallery, Derby in 2011 and Oriel Mostyn gallery, Llandudno in 2011-12; texts co-written with Anna-Sophie Springer.

How Many Friends Do You Have?

Exhibition text for Seecum Cheung exhibition Alphabet at Apiary Studios, London.

The Painting

Text documenting durational performance The Painting, based on the act of visiting the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin every Thursday evening for six months in order to look at the same, single painting (the identity of which is never disclosed). The text has also been delivered in the form of a performative slide lecture at Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin.

Neither Here Nor There

Text written for publication accompanying exhibition Nude as the News at 91mQ Art Project Space and Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin, edited by Sunshine Wong.

Being Somewhere

Blog written during residency at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, Germany, describing the daily activity of visiting the same, largely unchanging area of landscape. Initially motivated by a sense of novelty at discovering a new environment, the activity gradually loses all sense of purpose as interest in the location wanes. A series of bizarre and arbitrary actions performed within the moorland are accompanied by increasingly desperate attempts to project meaning into them. An edited version of the blog provides the script to the video Being Somewhere.

Interview: How to Live

Interview about residency project How to Live by Melanie Zagrean & Pierre Wolter, in catalogue Dave Ball: How to Live, published by Galerie Art Claims Impulse, Berlin.

Review: Rational Review of 2007

Review of video screening and panel discussion event Rational Review of 2007 at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London; published in a-n magazine, Mar 2008.

I Don't Know Why But Fish Are Just Funny

Dissertation for MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Rupture, or The Dream of Painting a Wave

Essay for MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Enacting Bas Jan Ader

Essay for MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Review: Thomas Demand

Review of exhibition Thomas Demand at Serpentine Gallery, London; unpublished.

Review: Ugo Rondinone Zero Built a Nest in My Navel

Review of exhibition Ugo Rondinone: Zero Built a Nest in My Navel at Whitechapel Gallery, London; published in Dogmanet magazine, Feb 2006.

Review: Francis Alÿs Seven Walks

Review of exhibition Francis Alÿs: Seven Walks at Artangel at 21 Portman Square & National Portrait Gallery, London; published in Dogmanet magazine, Nov 2005.

Review: Tina Keane Le Jardin

Review of exhibition Tina Keane: Le Jardin at Sketch, London; published in Dogmanet magazine, Sep 2005.

Review: Open Systems Rethinking Art c. 1970

Review of exhibition Open Systems: Rethinking Art c. 1970 at Tate Modern, London; published in Dogmanet magazine, Aug 2005.

Review: James Ireland This is a Test

Review of exhibition James Ireland: This is a Test at Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham; published in Dogmanet magazine, Jul 2005.

Review: George Shaw Ash Wednesday

Review of exhibition George Shaw: Ash Wednesday at Wilkinson Gallery, London; published in Dogmanet magazine, Jun 2005.

Review: Becks Futures 2005

Review of exhibition Becks Futures 2005 at ICA, London; published in Dogmanet magazine, May 2005.