A to Z: All the Cs (Through the Lens of My Camera)  2014‑18


831 photographs for each of the 831 “C”-words in the dictionary; dimensions variable.

Third project in the A to Z series of projects (2011-ongoing) based on the premise of making a visualisation for every word listed in the Concise Oxford English dictionary, starting at “A”, and proceeding in alphabetical order.

View sequence of 100 photographs from “cab” to “carcinogen”.






First 400 photographs installed in studio, Apr 2017

The work is also presented in the form of a 75-minute video slideshow. View a four-minute preview sequence of 50 images from “chauffeur” to “chorus”.

A to Z: All the Cs (Through the Lens of My Camera) will be shown as part of solo exhibition A to Z: The First Seven Years at Gallery Oldham, UK in 2018-19.