Veiviseren: In the Dark, All Cats are Gray; mapping project employing a mobile research kit, (unsuccessfully) proposed for Tou Works 1 in Stavanger, Norway, 2007.

The Wisdom of Solomon; A series of planned events in several cities, where pairs of artists were invited to halve their works before joining them together to make "disputed" authorship pieces.  

Down the Rabbit Hole; Based on the idea of a perpetual to and fro motion of an object between opposite sides of the earth, the project was to involve a collaboration with Enjoy Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Glorious Twelfth: Retour; Revisiting the 2005 Discotheque Deptford X project 'The Glorious Twelfth' (see past projects), 'Retour' was based around the ritual removal of any surviving species.
Interview (working title); A structured series of dialogues between a group of artists, probing and interrogating each other, and focusing in particular on their understanding and attitude to a notion of "conceptual" art. With a view to producing an accompanying publication.
Damn Fine Cup of Coffee; A re-staging of an early Discotheque exhibition, with a much tighter control of the parameters. Each participant would this time start with an empty room and several "props" , before being asked to respond to a particular "brief", thus exploring the problematic famously tackled by Bruce Nauman as to what exactly an artist can/should do in a given space.
Guided Tour (working title); a proposed project taking the form of a walking tour in London.
Every Little Helps/Supermarket (working titles); A coordinated series of interventions based around a supermarket. A "group show" for a consumer age, focusing on an inescapable feature of modern life.