Coryat's Crudities geo-conceptual mapping project; part of NAN-NANA, Nottingham, April 2006.
Bram Arnold, Dave Ball, Dædalus, Rupert Hartley, Chris Rountree, Eva Rudlinger, Emma Smith.

The Glorious Twelfth various street locations in Deptford, London; October and November 2005.
A collaborative project for Deptford X based on an urban recontextualisation of a traditional grouse hunt.
Bram Arnold, Dave Ball, Dædalus, John Deller, Rupert Hartley, Birgit Medele.

Strangers on a Train London to Newcastle - Newcastle to London trains; September 2005.
Travel and exchange based project involving artists from the stops on the journey - London, Peterborough, Doncaster, York, and Newcastle - swapping and altering each other's artworks.
Jonathan Allen, Bram Arnold, Dave Ball, Mandy Bray, Camilla Brueton, Chris Croft, Dædalus,
Kate Donovan, Nisha Duggal, Kruse, Jacqueline Mantle, Phil Marsden, Anna Pharoah, Ray White.

1 and 3 Euroart Gallery, Tottenham, London; June 2005.
A collaborative work inspired by Kosuth's 'One and Three Chairs', part of the show About Face Dave Ball, Dædalus, David McKeran.

Damn Fine Cup of Coffee Rowse Close, Stratford, London; September and October 2004.
A group show and related events held in a large studio space based around the problem of
"just-what-it-is-an-artist-does", as highlighted by Bruce Nauman. Part of F-EST 2004.
Jonathan Allen, Dave Ball, Hannah Brown, Dædalus, Lora Hemy, Jang Young Jo, Birgit Medele, Ana Moring, Ray White.
Flat Hackney Road, Bethnal Green, London; August 2004.
A group show based around a domestic theme, set in a large open-plan basement flat.
Dave Ball, Hannah Brown, Dædalus, Lora Hemy, Jang Young Jo, Birgit Medele, Ana Moring.
Group Critiques various locations in east London; October 2003 to October 2004.
A regular series of semi-formal meetings held every three weeks or so, attended by artists interested in "conceptually-based" art.