Again Great America 2018

Installation shot at Atelierhaus Adlershof Open Studios, Berlin

Installation: sound, cardboard box.

The full transcript of US President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration speech – with the words arranged in reverse order – is read out via voice-generation software. The source of the sound remains hidden inside the box.

...America bless God. You thank. America bless God and you bless God.

You thank again great America. Make will we together, yes. And again, safe America. Make will we again, proud America. Make will we again, wealthy America. Make will we again, strong America. Make will we, together.

Way, the, along us guide. Forever will love and goodness and courage, your. And destiny American, our define will. Dreams: your. And hopes, your voice, your again ignored.

Be never, will you? Words, these. Hear ocean to ocean, from mountain to mountain, from large and small, far and near city. Every in Americans, all to, so...