Biscuits Thrown from a Window  2006

Performative work for video, two minutes. A second-floor window of a terraced house is open. Inside, adjacent to the open window, lies a chair. Whilst sitting on the chair a packet of biscuits is opened. One by one the biscuits are thrown out of the window until the packet is empty.

A text version of the work was produced for the exhibition In Their Own Words at End Gallery, Sheffield in 2007.

Installation shot at End Gallery, Sheffield

A poem Biscuits Thrown from a Window was written by Mark Goodwin in response to the work.

The video has been shown at touring exhibition Plus 3 Ferris Wheels in 2008-09 at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI, USA; University at Buffalo Center for the Arts; Smart Wall, Alfred University School of Art & Design; Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University; Hiram Van Gordon Gallery, Tennessee State University; The University of Connecticut; Grinnell College; Western Kentucky University; CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY; DDT Delavski dom Trbovlje, Trbovlje, Slovenia.