One and Three  2005

Installation view at Euroart Gallery, London

Interactive installation using Josef Kosuth’s seminal conceptual art piece One and Three Chairs as an impetus; collaboration with David McKeran and Daedalus, as part of Discotheque conceptual art group.

A simple triangular grid is marked on the gallery floor. To begin with the row of spaces on each side of the triangle are filled with each artist’s three pieces, which (like the Kosuth work) consist of an “image” element, a “real” element, and a “text” element. The audience are then invited to move the elements around as they wish, provided an image-real-text combination is maintained.

Above left: the “real” element – daffodils growing in a pot turned upside-down and attached to the underside of a slightly shortened plant-stand. Above right: the text element – a description of daffodils taken from a gardening manual printed onto a mirror placed on a shortened plant-stand; the description includes growing advice and uses the scientific name, narcissus. Below: the image element – pieces of a daffodil jigsaw clamped to the underside of a plant stand.

The work has been shown at About Face, Euroart Gallery, London in 2005.