Searching for the Welsh Landscape (2014-16); series of projects


A to Z (ongoing); series of projects


I Think That's Best for Both of Us (Lance and Oprah) (2016); video


The Museum of Uninteresting Experience (2013); Quebec residency project


I've Always Wanted to Drive Across America (2016); video game and soundtrack


Babies Eating Lemons (2014); series of drawings


Being Somewhere (2009); video from Worpswede residency


Dinner Party (2011-15); participatory live work; collaboration with Oliver Walker


The Supremacy of Thought (The Ineffectiveness of Action) (2012); sequence of projected slides


There Was Too Much Pasta in the World (2012); video


The Collected Gertrude Stein Tender Buttons Jokes (2013); series of videos


The Table Tennis Player and the World (2010); video


The Painting (2010); performative and photographic project with live presentation


Airshow (2010); live broadcast participatory event; collaboration with Oliver Walker


How to Live (2008); Berlin residency project


Tin Anagrams (2007/2011); altered found objects


Things to do with Biscuits (2006); Cumbria residency project