The Dragon's Tongue (2017); series of drawings


Have You Seen Her Heels (Pobol y Cwm) (2017); video


Arms Reaching, Smiling Sweetly (2016); installation


Road Signs (Proposal for a Hypothetical Intervention) (2016); series of drawings


I Think That's Best for Both of Us (Lance and Oprah) (2016); video


An Artist in Search of an Epiphany (2016); video


You've Done It Again Haven't You (David and Evan) (2016); video


I've Always Wanted to Drive Across America (2016); video game and soundtrack


The Mountains of Wales are the Mountains of Wales (2014-2016); series of drawings and texts


A to Z: All the Cs (Through the Lens of My Camera) (2014-ongoing); series of photographs and texts


Hill Walking (2015); video


Artists Masterclass: How to Sharpen a Pencil (2014); video


Babies Eating Lemons (2014); series of drawings


A to Z: Babble to Byte (from Memory) (2013-14): series of drawings


A Curiously Unremarkable Journey (2013); live work


Tree Drawings (2013); series of drawings


The Museum of Uninteresting Experience (2013); Quebec residency project


Untitled (2013); series of wood photo-transfers


The Collected Gertrude Stein Tender Buttons Jokes (2013); series of videos


The Supremacy of Thought (The Ineffectiveness of Action) (2012); sequence of projected slides


A to Z: From Aardvark to Axle (2011-13); series of drawings


There Was Too Much Pasta in the World (2012); video


Dinner Party (2011-15); participatory live work; collaboration with Oliver Walker


Psychological Tests of Creativity (or How to be a Performance Artist) [working title]; proposed research project