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A to Z: All the Cs (Through the Lens of My Camera) (2014-ongoing); c.800 photographs for each of the c.800 "C" words, with accompanying texts.

Third project in the A to Z series of projects (2011-ongoing) based on the premise of making a visualisation for every word listed in the Concise Oxford English dictionary, starting at "A", and proceeding in alphabetical order.

View sequence of 100 photographs from "cab" to "carcinogen".

Hasenheide, Berlin, 18 Jan 2015

The priest at the Apostel-Paulus-Kirche in Schöneberg, on hearing my non-German accent, asked me where I was from. When I told him I was British, he recounted meeting a previous visitor from Coventry, which he felt was poignant, given the remarkable survival of this church's windows during the Second World War bombing.


Hermannplatz, Berlin, 7 Nov 2014